Supply Chains: Visibility and Real-time Analytics Create Resilience


Headlines reporting on shortages in almost every industry illustrate the inadequacies of global supply chains. 

Many companies are hindered by an inability to embed insights into daily workflows and decision-making, with a lack of timeliness among the major challenges. So, while an organization may have established analytics practices, the output is too late to provide competitive benefits. 

Supply chain platforms that leverage artificial intelligence, data visualization and blockchain solutions give leadership teams real-time visibility across the entire network; transparency helps predict demand fluctuations and risks. Leaders use those tools to provide better visibility to customers and suppliers, sharing up-to-the minute product demand and stock data.   

When a crisis hits, mitigating risk becomes critically important. To do so with speed and efficiency, organizations need to a holistic view of events and analytics that communicate the potential impact on investments and suppliers.  

 Overcoming weak links in the supply chain requires unit-level access to real-time data. This bolsters problem-solving capabilities from manufacturing sites to retail distributors. 

To understand where the errors in the supply chain are occurring, and what factors may be causing them, one must analyze a vast amount of data, such as production schedules and reconciliation reports. A thorough analysis must assess under-performing areas in the chain which may be due to – or lead to – missed delivery times and routes; warehouse space constriction; weather stocking and shelf-life limitations; and various other indicators.  

Proviniti implementations deliver intuitive user and customer experiences, as well as empower firms to realize the inherent value of data analytics. In fact, one of the biggest problems we solve for companies is how to extract and communicate valuable insights from the terabytes of underlying customer and organizational data.  

Our team builds customized solutions that combine AI, analytics, automation, and distributed ledgers to liberate personnel from time-consuming manual processes. We use blockchain and data visualization to build systems that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence to all stakeholders simultaneously, providing decision-makers with the knowledge to move quickly from insight to action. 

 It’s clear that global supply chains must embrace new technologies and strategies to accelerate end-to-end information sharing, optimize inventory management and eliminate bottlenecks.  

Proviniti builds supply chain platforms leveraging blockchain, robotic process automation and data visualization, allowing logistics professionals to quickly extract, analyze, and communicate data to all departments, increasing product and personnel performance.  

Simply put, we give supply chain platforms the end-to-end resilience to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.