Investing in the people committed to building tomorrows technology solutions today

Let us show you how we can unlock the true value of your vision

RCG Ventures invests only where we believe we can add significant value by extending the reach of current efforts, revising and repositioning strategies where appropriate, and financing productive, growth-oriented investments in human and physical capital

Our Services

Our team of experts are handpicked and are "superstars" in their areas of expertise. They provide immense value as advisors or as an extension of your team.

We can provide guidance and support, only as requested, in any or all areas of the business, or we can provide specific functions as an outsourced service to our partner companies. This allows you and your team to focus on strategy and scaling your business.


We have built out a full set of capabilities for our portfolio companies which you can leverage, keeping you in compliance with the latest laws and local regulations. We support all workforce functions, including onboarding, hiring and compliance.


We can provide guidance and support, helping you organize and manage your financials and implement systems that can make you more efficient and provide real time data.


Our Customer Experience Practice lead and resources can help you deepen your understanding of your audiences and design highly functional experiences that are intuitive & efficient, while being brand forward & esthetically pleasing.

PR / Mktg / Social

Once your Brand and Identity are complete, we can develop and execute marketing and PR plans. This will drive your company’s brand awareness and help you attain market / thought leadership within in your Industry.

COO & Technology

Helping to fix business process and / or help design your company’s processes and workflows for scale is what we do. We leverage the latest technologies to provide toolsets for growth.

Sales / Product Mgmt.

Our expertise is in helping companies develop the right sales process. organizational structure and partnership models. We are laser focused in building the right foundation to help drive revenue.
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