We build partnerships that create opportunities for your business & gives you access to exclusive resources...


At RCG Ventures we typically invest our own capital, but given our relationships built over the last 30+ years, we have a significant stable of Equity Investors who routinely partner with us on opportunities, and a cadre of debt providers who we have proven our creditability time and time again.


Companies who choose to partner with River Capital find that we are obsessed with helping them grow. We will work tirelessly to work through our network to allow for acceleration of sales and partnership opportunities and jumpstart hyper growth. Simply put, we can help you open doors that might not be available to you today.

High Growth Team

A SWAT team of World Class resources in just about every function, each of which have been involved in building, growing and exiting business. Our High Growth Team provides unique value for our portfolio companies. We provide resources that are superstars in their function and understand how to help position you for growth. We allow you to focus on strategy and growing your company and augment you with functional expertise.

A long term investment philosophy that creates lasting value

RCG Ventures is not constrained by a typical time-bound investment schedule that you see in many Private Equity firms. Our goal is to help our Portfolio companies to achieve market leadership positions and work tirelessly towards supporting those efforts. The result of this? Our efforts often create more successful and larger exits for our partners and companies over time.

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