Investment Thesis

We are industry agnostic and have specific investment thesis’s in Emerging Technologies, such as Blockchain, Big Data, AI, and Workforce Service. Recently we have developed a new investment thesis in Extended Reality (XR) including AR, VR, and MR.

Blockchain / Big Data / AI

Blockchain, AI, Big Data – We have all heard these buzzwords which are used everywhere. RCG Ventures focus on how these technologies can be leveraged, in some cases together, to create next-generation solutions that address gaps in the marketplace. RCG Ventures is unique as our lead partners understand the technologies and the business application having founded, built, and grown emerging technology companies. Our current portfolio companies, including Proviniti and NSS, have achieved hypergrowth with our support. RCG can help small and mid-sized companies focused on these industries grow with our access to capital, our expansive network, and our high growth team of industry experts all focused on supporting your growth.

Extended Reality (XR) AR/VR/MR

Many people know the extended reality market – typically in the form of Gaming, Movies or general Entertainment. We strongly believe that there is a larger, business driven opportunities that will drive the next wave of adoption. The use cases are far reaching – from Ecommerce to Healthcare pretty much any industry can benefit from these technologies. Looking at Functions such as Corporate Training, Online Learning and others, we believe these technologies can fundamentally change these industries. RCG Ventures, backed by River Capital Group, can help small and mid-sized business move into a hyper growth model through our ability to open doors, access to our High Growth Resources and, of course, our ability to easily invest capital.

Workforce Services

The ever-growing lack of skilled IT workers, a global pandemic, and a universal shift to hybrid working has accelerated digital transformations, forcing companies to rethink how they approach workforce management. RCGV partners provide access to skilled labor that can safely navigate each phase of their digital transformation, from initial discovery and design, to deployment, user adoption, training, and ongoing management.

Our partners help companies maintain a highly skilled workforce, developing strategies that to identify, attract, develop, and retain top talent. We fill critical personnel gaps with vetted industry pros. IOS Staffing, HCM Staffing & Consulting, Flex Employee Services and other RCGV partners offer “talent optimization” services that provide access to personnel with technical competencies in application development, analytics, healthcare, infrastructure, support, operations, and FP&A, as well as to customized training regimens, employee engagement, thorough background checks, and ongoing performance analysis. We not only help organizations overcome today’s biggest challenges, but also prepare them with the means to tackle tomorrow’s workforce needs.

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