From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, R5 Labs and River Capital aim for Sicily and acquire the majority of Edgemony


With the entry of the new majority shareholders, R5 Labs and River Capital Group, Edgemony aims to train and allocate over 1,000 tech professionals by 2025, supporting companies from all over the world to open an outpost for software development in Sicily.

R5 Labs (, a Silicon Valley joint venture between Leonardo Rocco, and River Capital Group (, a New York Private Equity fund founded by Mario Monello and Vincent Puma, acquires the majority of Edgemony and allocates investments with the aim of accelerating the growth of the company as a reference point for tech companies on skills and resources. The goal over the next 3 years is to employ over 1,000 tech professionals in Sicily and Italy.

Thus, becomes the unstoppable path undertaken by Marco Imperato and Daniele Rotolo, both founder and CEO of Edgemony, to rewrite the future of Sicily, and of the whole of Italy, creating one of the largest international technology hubs where hundreds of tech talents will be able to work for the most prestigious companies in the technological world.

Edgemony ( expects to close 2022 with a turnover growth of 250%, training over 600 students and professionals, with a placement percentage that exceeds 90%. With Coding Women Sicily (, the social initiative dedicated to those who want to pursue the profession of developer, Edgemony has already provided 165 thousand euros in scholarships involving partners such as Bending Spoons, TUI Musement , Docebo, Treatwell UALA, Translated,,, Moneyfarm, Aitho and Immedia with the aim of reducing the technological gender gap.

Product Heroes is the second project carried out by Imperato and Rotolo and which, together with Edgemony, will now be part of a single company, R5 Labs Europe. With 5,000 subscribers, hundreds of articles published, and 150,000 professionals helped through articles, guides and videos, Product Heroes is the first community and school for Product Managers in Italy that actively contributes to the diffusion of the Product Culture in the country. Thanks to the operation and the new capital injection, the goal is to internationalize to become the First Product Community and School in Europe.

“As early as 2023 we will launch the first free coding programs to make this type of opportunity accessible to most people” Marco Imperato and Daniele Rotolo anticipate – “This is the largest initiative in our territory that will have the concrete result of reversing the flow migration creating a significant impact in terms of employment. This is why it is necessary to accelerate training by creating free courses that allow young people to acquire specific skills in software development in order to be then inserted in international contexts. Furthermore, the presence

of American companies will also attract professionals from all over Italy and Europe who, if they wish, can choose to move here, or work in remote working. ”

“Today, customer expectations are higher than in the past. To respond adequately, companies need to accelerate their digital transformation and hire people who can carry out this strategy. We have identified the Italian market as one of the richest hubs of talent in the software engineering field. The acquisition of Edgemony, one of the leading companies in Italy in this area, aligns with the mission of R5 Labs to represent one of the leading suppliers of product development services globally. ” Adds Leonardo Rocco, founder and CEO of R5 Labs, who has already led one of his Confidence Systems companies to open its technology hub in Palermo employing over 25 people to date.

“Never in our life would we have thought of investing in a give back project to our homeland. In these days when we returned to Palermo to start work and visit the headquarters, we have discovered a part of Sicily at the forefront of the world of innovation and a generation of young talents ready to face international challenges with the right preparation to be able to work with the most important tech companies in the world. Now the task for R5 Labs Europe is to make its model scalable and become an amplifier of opportunities for these girls and boys. ” conclude Vincent Puma and Mario Monello, Italian-American private banker founders of River Capital Group, well known in Wall Street circles.

The Board will seat Leonardo Rocco, Mario Monello, Vincent Puma, Marco Imperato (Co-CEO) and Daniele Rotolo (Co-CEO). For the buyer part, the Dentons Law Firm took care of the transaction, while Edgemony was assisted by the Laward Law Firm with a team coordinated by the founding partner Pierantonio Luceri.

About Edgemony

Edgemony ( is a company specialized in technological training with programs in Software Development and Digital Marketing with the aim of reducing the technological gap between Northern and Southern Italy, helping companies to extend their tech team in Sicily. The Company also includes the Product Heroes brand, the first school and community for Product Managers in Italy that actively contributes to the spread of Product Culture in the country. The company was born in 2020 from a period of strong change for Daniele Rotolo and Marco Imperato, after the acquisition in June 2022 the company name becomes R5 Labs Europe. With partners such as Bending Spoons, Treatwell, Microsoft,, Subito, the company operates in the B2B sector with companies of the caliber of, Sella and Leroy Merlin for the implementation of the OKR methodology and for the acceleration of the product teams. interiors with the promotion of the Product Academy.

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